Member & Vendor Benefits

Member Benefits
  • Buying Power
  • Programs with 78 Vendors
  • Special Pricing, Rebates, Payment Terms, Minimum Orders, and Freight terms
  • Central Billing Center
  • Network of Top Distributors in the Industry
  • Annual Trade Show
Vendor Benefits
  • Reach Some of the Largest Distributors in the Industry
  • Deal With One Company
    • Save time and money by dealing with one individual company rather than 23
    • Together we make your program, then send pricing and literature to one location
    • Our Executive Director will distribute your information to over 180 locations in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
  • Annual Trade Show
    • Single location travel
    • No need to travel around the country
    • Meet the membership in one place
    • Create a mutually beneficial relationship in person
  • Central Billing
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